Hi, I'm Becca Hillburn

I'm a comic artist and illustrator in Nashville, TN, and I am passionate about great comics for kids!  I believe comics are a fantastic gateway for reading as they provide immediate word/image association, a strong correlation between dialogue and character response, and loads of detail to keep distracted readers engaged in the story.  I believe comics should be an integral part of every reading list, and do my best to promote the artform in my daily life.  Inspired by classic children's books, my comics combine lush illustrations with engaging, cartoony facial expressions.  My media of choice is watercolor, although I'm proficient at digital art and traditional black and white line art as well.  You may have seen my comics in a variety of popular anthologies such as Hana Doki Kira, Chainmail Bikini, and 1001 Knights, and I'm currently working on a self published easy reading graphic novel, 7" Kara, the first volume of which is in print.

In my spare time, I help further art education with two blogs, How to Be a Con Artist and Nattosoup Studio Art and Process Blog, and an art tutorial channel on YouTube.  If you want to chat, just message me on Twitter- I'd love to hear from you, or get in contact with me via email!